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Eau de parfum, 30 ml


For those who cherish the essence of roses, Rosenlust beckons your senses. It is a harmonious union of diverse roses from around the world, sourced from Bulgaria, Turkey, India, and England. These distinct rose oils, with their multifaceted characteristics, blend seamlessly to create this exquisite feminine fragrance.

Rosenlust delicately evokes the allure of these roses, acting as a sensual elixir that stirs the depths of the mind’s most intimate centers. The rose, revered as the “queen” of all flowers, symbolizes love, peace, and beauty. Beyond its captivating appearance, it possesses the unique ability to unfurl the heart and awaken feelings of boundless love.

Rosenlust, an olfactory ode to the magnificence of roses, awaits to envelop you in a world of floral enchantment and unconditional love.


Rosenlust embodies the freshness of a verdant “green” rose perfume, evoking the vibrant and crisp essence of blooming petals, while Lost in Roses leans into opulence and warmth, wrapping you in a lush, sensuous bouquet of blossoms.




100% natural extracts of Rose Otto/Turkey, Rose/Bulgaria, Rosewater Rosewood/Brasilien, Pink Grapefruit/USA, , Tonka bean, Orris Root and more…

This scent is infused with Herkimer diamant and clear Crystal.



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