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Tanja Bochnig

Tanja Bochnig is the founder and perfumer of April Aromatics. Through her many travels she discovered the healing powers of essential oils and started using them with great relief to many ailments. After long years of studies in aromatherapy, botany and natural perfumery with renowned perfumers, she launched her own series of organic perfumes and cosmetics – April Aromatics. The name is based on the birthday of the perfumer, who was born on 1st April. Tanja Bochnig especially loves this time of the year, when nature revives.

Tanja is also a proffesional and licensed yoga teacher and the originator of Aromayoga®. After having lived away from Germany for 20 years, she moved to Berlin where she now works and resides with her family. From her earliest childhood Tanja Bochnig had a very developed sense of smell and passion for scents, which she deepened through her work with natural essences over the years. Through her many travels around the world, where she visited foreign countries and explored different cultures – came about the deep wish to create her own perfumes to preserve all these impressions and emotions.
Tanja Bochnig, believes in the power of nature and follows a holistic lifestyle. The healing power of her products is the most important aspect of her work.

„It is my passion to create beautiful smelling, botanical perfumes and to share the healing power of nature with the world.“