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Purple Reign


Eau de Parfum, 30ml


The inspiration for this fragrance primarily comes from the fascinating purple flame—a radiant light from subtle realms known for its ability to amplify vibrational frequencies. It possesses the unique quality of elevating Earth’s energy and influencing the collective morphogenetic field, creating a transcendent experience. Purple Reign surpasses the boundaries of ordinary perfumes; it is a fragrant symphony meticulously composed to enhance self-awareness and elevate one’s energetic vibrations. It carries the essence of purple love.

Every ingredient in this aromatic masterpiece resonates in harmony with the royal color purple, closely linked to our crown chakra—the gateway to higher consciousness and a direct connection to the divine source. The inclusion of amethyst and Herkimer diamonds in the blend intensifies the perfume’s purple aura, resulting in a liquid-crystalline structure of exceptional harmony.

Purple Reign acts as a catalyst for recognizing the majestic inner kingdom residing within each of us. It illuminates the truth that we inherently embody the highest essence and greatest potential. Amidst the turbulence of these transformative times, this perfume serves as a guiding light, nurturing inner peace and strength from the depths within



Natural Lilac tincture, Violets, Lavender ,Osmanthus petals, Jasmine flowers, Orris Root, Oppoponax, Purple Light.

This scent is infused with amethyst crystal and Herkimer diamond


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