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Nectar of Love

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Eau de Parfum, 30 ml


A profoundly sensual, luxuriously rich perfume, meticulously crafted from the world’s most precious absolutes. It weaves an exotic tapestry of fruit nectars and extracts, including the essence of white Tuberose flowers, night blooming Jasmine, Bulgarian Rose, and Neroli from Tunisia, among others. All these elements are carefully layered upon a foundation of sandalwood. This fragrance serves as a potent aphrodisiac and stands as our most opulent creation. Its concentration is exceptional, and a small amount provides enduring allure


Bergamot peal/Italy, Neroli/Tunesia, Rose Otto/Turkey, Jasmine Sambac/India, Tuberose/France, Ylang-Ylang/Thailand, Sandalwood/India, Bourbon Vanilla and more in botanical Alcohol

This scent is infused with Herkimer diamond and clear Crystal

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2 reviews for Nectar of Love

  1. Leslie

    Lush, extravagant, beautiful bouqet of the most expensive fruit and flowers from around the world. Fresh fruit, deep, velvety flowers, and mysterious in every way. It’s truly beautiful and wears really well. It transforms and softens as the day goes by.

  2. Leslie

    Just an update… I didn’t consider myself a lover of grand florals until I tried Tanja’s perfumes. I am floored by how beautiful they are, and how happy they make me feel…like a rose petal floating on a warm breeze. I love nectar of love, jasmina, unter den linden, and rose l’ orange. I’ve put all of my other high-end perfumes away. (We will never discuss how much those cost, and that they are now in cardboard boxes…). Instead, we’ll focus on how happy Tanja’s creations make me, and how much I love them. Thank you, Tanja ❤️

    • tanja

      Dear Leslie,
      Thank you so much, it makes me very happy.
      x Tanja

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