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Bohemian Spice

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Eau de Parfum, 30 ml


Bohemian Spice changes its olfactory color like a chameleon. Layer by layer the perfume develops magically and shows amazing facets. Each stage is an experience on our travel through the bohemian world and reminds us of the times when famous painters, writers and musicians spent months and years in the Maghreb to get inspired. Wonderful landscapes, foreign cultures, vastness, light, shadow. A sunny smile with Sicilian orange initiates a wonderful trip through a land of ease. From the opening exotic spices are mingling with the citrus fruit. In the heart woods and oriental spices blended with incense from Oman and Highland Lavender reveal a certain spirituality. Sandalwood and Vetiver dance to the music of a tambourine, wild and free. Patchouli connects us with mother earth and gives the scent an immense power. The use of a special soft and subtle gourmand vanilla accord, unique creation of April Aromatics, brings a strong tenacity into the base and helps to carry top and middle notes along the journey. This accord is the secret of the rich and lush character of this amazing scent. Warm and calming like an embrace Bohemian Spice feels like a mild but intense desert breeze and makes us dream of faraway lands.

Bohemian Spice is April Aromatic’s one of the most complex perfumes. It needs up to five month to get the right maturity



100% natural extracts of aged Patchouli/Indonesia, CederwoodVirginia/USA, Vetiver/Madagaskar, Sandelwood India, Frankincense/Somalia, Sweet orange/Italy, Cistus, Lavender/France, Vanilla-Accord, Perubalsam, Ylang-Ylang Thailand, organic Alcohol.

This scent is infused with Herkimer Diamond and clear Crystal


Australian Perfume Junkies, Sandra Glittenberg

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3 reviews for Bohemian Spice

  1. Leslie

    Beautiful, warm, spicy, and sweet. This scent grounds me and helps me to navigate the day. I love the way it makes me feel…calm and centered.

  2. Leslie

    Quick update…. On the spicier, deeper, more resinous side of April Aromatics are some of the most intoxicating, addictive, and soothing scents I have ever experienced. The more I wear bohemian spice, calling all angels, and erdenstern, the more I love them and see them as my guides through the ins and outs of every day. I don’t know how to explain it, I just feel better, calmer, stronger, and more peaceful when I smell them throughout the day. A LOT of expensive perfumes have been boxed up and pushed to the back of my closet because none of them can do justice to Tanja’s collection. These are far more beautiful and healthy.
    Thank you ?

  3. Martina

    I have to added to previous writer and lover of those natural parfumes. I tried so many of luxury parfums like Roja Dove, Killian, Clive Christian and many more. But these are so feminine for me. So exceptional. I love them so much. These scents are just amazing. I have no more words … have to try.

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