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Eau de Parfum, 30ml

Ever wondered about a world just out of reach? Longing for a sense of home? Felt the Earth’s gentle whisper? “Agartha is an olfactory odyssey to the inner realms, reminiscent of cherished childhood dreams where serenity and harmony reside. It embodies the essence of the New Earth, a mystical voyage crafted into delicate waves of fragrance. Much like Shamballa or Shangri-La, the fabled capital of Agartha, it beckons as the Land of Radiant Spirits, the Realm of Living Gods, and the Abode of Wonders.

The notes composing this elixir are sweet, ethereal, and uplifting. It exudes a beguiling mystique, akin to the enigma of Agartha itself. To engage with this scent at a soulful level promises abundant rewards, a joyful return to your inner sanctuary. By opening your heart to the eternal love that flows from Mother Gaia, healing processes can flourish freely in your life. Agartha, where dreams and reality converge in a fragrance of transcendence.


Fruit accords from the Garden of Eden, Mimosa blossom absolute, Honey (vegan from natural isolate), Hay, Cardamom, Tobacco leaves, Labdanum, Patchouli, touch of Oud



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Ode r / Dana

Cafleurebon/ by Damir

Jaroslaw (polish)

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2 reviews for Agartha

  1. Leslie

    Agartha is my vision of calm. A cup of tea, music, the smell of outside coming in from an open window with a gentle breeze. Eyes closed, deep breath….big exhale. It’s soft, a bit sweet and green, and very soothing.

    • tanja

      Thank you Leslie

  2. Christina Bell (verified owner)

    Rain in the garden. Sweet and green and cool. This came as a sample for another order and I can’t believe I didn’t try it before. I placed the order for a full bottle the day I tried it and was astonished by the speedy delivery. Mood booster extraordinaire!

    • tanja

      Thank you Christina for your words. Enjoy Agatha!

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