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Lavandeluce 2.5ml Tester


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Inspired by a summer journey to the South of France. Nature is so vibrant
at this time, coloured with hundreds of purple patches. Walking through
the lavender fields with intoxicating smells and lots of visitors; the bees
that are dancing and swirling around. Their song is happy and they are
a little tipsy from drinking the purple flowers. Light is streaming through
the fields and we feel equally happy and at peace. Wearing this perfume
elixir, brings back happy memories from our summer in Provence. Notes:
Lavender Provence, Lavandin, Lavender absolue, Lavender Flower
Hydrosol, Honey, Hay, Cardamon, Vanilla, Vetiver, Tonka
(No bees were harmed and no real honey was used in this perfume)


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