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Eau de Parfum, 30 ml


The mystery of Avalon, the holy place between the worlds of gods and mortals, is the inspiration for Earth Star.  The “Earth Star”/ Erdenstern symbolizes this connection and provides a conduit between these two worlds. Earth Star/ Erdenstern shimmers through wet leaves within mystical landscapes.

The masculine merges with the feminine; they become one and rise together with the forces of Nature. When the Earth exhales softly, in Autumn, she exudes a scent of completion and everything comes to rest. Then, gently the veil lifts, like a mist above the valleys, and transports us to time beyond time. Soft Musk and warm notes of ambergris captivate our senses, while earthy Vetiver reminds us to luxuriate in the memories of summer. Tobacco leaves intertwined with the mild sweetness of tonka and cocoa, merge into the sacredness of Opoponax. This blissful balance between the worlds, genders and emotions, warms and guides us to a personal place of comfort and peace.

“We are all earth stars. If more people would realize that, the world would shine much brighter.”

This perfume is classified as a botanical musk perfume, (using no animal derived ingredients). Some people also compare it to a whiskey scent



Botanical musk, Botanical ambergris accord, Tonka bean, Cacao, Opoponax, Vetiver, Tobacco.

This scent is infused with clear crystal and Herkimer diamond.




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2 reviews for Erdenstern

  1. Leslie

    This scent is so much fun…. It opens as a blast of high-quality bourbon for 10 seconds. Really nice if you appreciate good bourbon or scotch. That fades into a soft, sweet, reverie like a daydream. It’s beautiful. This is my favorite after bohemian spice and calling all angels. It is unique and lovely, and calming.

  2. Igleidson Fábio Chimuco Felisberto

    I ❤️ this parfume have a great presence

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