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7 Chakra Oil Set

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7 Chakra Oil Set



These seven products represent a unique fusion of seven distinct blends, each meticulously crafted to align with the body’s various chakras, or energy centers. Every chakra blend is enriched with carefully chosen gemstones and the corresponding chakra color, harmonizing with the specific vibrational frequency of that chakra. These exquisite oils are designed for direct application to the body’s chakra points, whether on the front or back, as detailed in the accompanying chakra booklet.

These oils operate on a multifaceted level, addressing both the physical and energetic aspects of our being. They serve as potent tools to release and unblock stagnant energy, targeting the specific chakra regions where imbalance may exist. Energy practitioners and massage therapists incorporate them into their healing sessions, applying the oils to their clients’ chakra points as a preparatory ritual before commencing treatments.

Yoga instructors seamlessly integrate these oils into their classes, selecting blends that resonate with the thematic focus of their sessions. As for individuals, these oils are an invaluable daily resource, intuitively adaptable to their unique needs and intentions. Whether you’re a practitioner, therapist, or someone on a personal journey of self-discovery, these chakra blends offer a powerful means of nurturing balance and harmony within.




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