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Wild Summer Crush 2,5ml Tester



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2.5ml Tester “Wild and free”

Remembering my summer crush… Oh, that memory of a hot, sultry, summer night in the fruit orchards of southern Italy. We escaped the crowded party and found refuge amongst the citrus trees and rose bushes that grew in luxurious abundance. All of them were at their peak and exuded intoxicating fragrance into that glorious night. It was an unforgettable encounter; a connection that remains with me. I still feel your touch on my skin, your lips tasted like the juicy, ripe, grapefruit you squeezed over my belly. The scent of red Mandarins and Neroli rocked me softly and deep. Not only did the fruits from the surrounding groves satisfy, our thirst for each other, the other forbidden fruit did, as well.  …how can I forget …my summer crush, take me back …I am longing for you…

A blast of Grapefruit perfume gets you out of a dark mood… an uplifting, full of light, fresh and powerful fruit bomb with a touch of silky woods. Tobacco, barely noticeable in the dry down and a special Rose from Uhuru land. This fragrance is succulent, opulent, and seductive, with a hint of enchanting coconut. Summer at its peak reminds the darker season will come, and this kissed by the sun, natural, perfume creation is what our minds and spirits long for. This scent can bring relief from extreme heat or will transport one into the heat of a singular, spectacular, summer night, while remembering the feeling of being in love… your summer crush.

Notes: Pink Grapefruit, Red Mandarine Italy, Green tea blend, Fruit peels various, Uhuru  Rose Otto (Africa), Neroli Morocco, Yuzu, Coconut, Silky Woods Accord, Tobacco


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