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30ml Eau de Parfum


Vanilla signifies more than mere sweetness; it embodies a spiritual essence, an ethereal natural ingredient that cleanses and comforts the soul. In the realm of vanilla fragrances, Vanilicious stands as the ultimate expression, a distinctive departure from the ordinary. While it undeniably indulges with a fusion of precious, all-natural vanilla extracts sourced globally, it also offers an intriguing diffusion. Here, the delicate interplay of spicy, boozy, and floral vanilla notes rivals its delectable creaminess. A subtle infusion of powdered Tonka bean, warm balsam, and sun-kissed woods deepens the gratifying smoothness, fulfilling the creator’s vision of a scent that “instantly elevates spirits,” a feat only genuine vanilla can accomplish. It may not be the most overpowering or sweet vanilla, but for connoisseurs of authentic vanilla, it could well be the finest.




Vanilla Bourbon, several vanillas extracts from the world over, April Aromatics Vanilla accord, Tonka Bean, Peru Balsam, Precious Woods accord, Blond Tobacco, Sandalwood and more



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