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Customer Service

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Customer Service

    Shipping & Delivery
    Depending on where you live, or are having the perfume shipped, delivery times vary. April Aromatics will not be responsible for any delays in shipping. Delayed delivery cannot give rise to any penalty or indemnity, and shall not be reason for canceling the order. 
    Shipping costs inside Germany
    bis 1 KgMaxibrief2,99 €
    DHL Päckchen4,45 €
    bis 2 KgMaxibrief5,19 €
    DHL Päckchen4,90 €
    bis 5 KgDHL PaketYes7.49 €
    bis 10 KgDHL PaketYes8,99 €
    bis 20 KgDHL PaketYes15,49 €
    bis 31,5 KgDHL PaketYes

    Worldwide shipping

    WeightTypeInsuredZone 1 (EU)*Zone 2* Zone 3* Zone 4*
    up to 0,5 KgGroßbrief4,70 €
    Brief EinschreibenYes6,20 €
    up to 1 KgBrief EinschreibenYes9,55 €
    Maxibrief7,59 €
    up to 2 KgMaxibrief17,59 €
    DHL Päckchen9,50 €16,40 €
    up to 5 KgDHL PaketYes16,99 €29,99 €35,99 €42,99 €
    up to 10 KgDHL PaketYes21,99 €34,99 €47,99 €59,99 €
    up to 20 KgDHL PaketYes31,99 €49,99 €68,99 €92,99 €
    up to 31,5 KgDHL PaketYes41,99 €54,99 €93,99 €124,99 €


    * Zone 1: All EU countries

    * Zone 2: Europe without EU Älandinseln (Finland) Andorra Albania Belarus Berg Athos (Greece) Bosnia-Herzegovina Campione d’Italia (Italy) Ceuta (Spain) Färöer-Isand (Danmark) Georgia Gibraltar (Great Britain) Greenland (Denmark) Canary Islands (Great Britain) Canary Islands (Spain) Kosovo Liechtenstein Livigno (Italy) Mazedonien Melilla (Spain) Moldau Montenegro Norway Switzerland Russian Federation San Marino SerbiaTurkey  Ukraine Vatikan City Zyprus (Northern part)

    * Zone 3: Egypt Algeria Armenia Aserbaidschan Israel Jordan Canada Kasachstan Libanon Libyia Morocco Palestine Areas St. Pierre und Miquelon (France) Syria Tunesia USA

    * Zone 4: All countries and areas , which do not belong to Zone 1, 2 or 3.

    Free shipping
    Further we offer free shipping inside Germany from an order above 150 Eur.


    Privacy & Security
    The privacy of all our clients and customers is extremely important. No personal or contact information is willingly shared by April Aromatics with any outside party for any reason.
    Returns, Damages & Replacements
    April Aromatics does not accept returns on any perfumes or products for reasons other than damage in shipment. If you are unfamiliar with an April Aromatics perfume or product, it is strongly recommended that you first purchase a sample size before buying a full product. In the rare and unlikely event of an allergic reaction, please contact the perfumer at info@aprilaromatics.com immediately. All damages due to shipment must be reported by email within seven (7) days of delivery. Replacements will be sent as soon as possible for goods damaged or lost in shipment. We are very careful about all our orders but occasionally mistakes can happen. Should you happen to receive goods in error, please report the mistake immediately to April Aromatics. Please seal the incorrect product in the original shipping packaging and a UPS or local postal service return authorization will be issued. The correct scent or product will be immediately shipped to you at no extra shipping cost.
    All orders are processed, packed and shipped as quickly as possible. All orders are processed in the order in which they are received. Orders can sometimes be expedited by special request although additional handling or shipping charges may apply. You can request order expedition at the time of placement by emailing: customerservice@aprilaromatics.com. Should a perfume you order be unavailable due to material shortage or your order be delayed for any other reason you will be notified immediately by April Aromatics. You will have the option to cancel your order or wait until the perfume can be shipped to you.
    Foreign Orderers
    Please note that shipping costs on foreign orders are calculated as per our domestic shipping guidelines listed above but such rates DO NOT include any import, customs or brokerage fees that may be incurred. And please note that foreign orders may take longer to process in order to prepare the necessary customs and transport documentation.
    As with any cosmetic, it is wise to patch-test products for sensitivities or allergies before using them freely. If you have any concern about using a particular product, we advise you to speak with your doctor prior to use. The safe and proper use of April Aromatics products is the sole responsibility of the user. April Aromatics Perfumes assumes no responsibility or liability for any condition or reactions that may arise from the direct or indirect use of any of our products, or from any information provided by April Aromatics.
    Trademark & Copyright
    April Aromatics and Aroma Yoga“ are registered trademarks in Europe of Tanja Bochnig. They may not be used without prior approval and the express written permission of Tanja Bochnig.  All text unless otherwise noted is the copyright of Tanja Bochnig. It may not be used in any way without the express written permission of Tanja Bochnig. All images unless otherwise noted are the property of Tanja Bochnig and may not be used without express written permission. To request permission for use, please contact info@aprilaromatics.com.