Aroma Yoga combines the essence of two very pure and natural teachings: yoga, or the yoga philosophy, aromatherapy, and the ancient knowledge of healing by the use of natural essential oils and fragrances. The combination of these highly developed and effective systems can open up many new worlds to the practitioner. The catalytic effect of natural essential oils unfurls maximum impact with selective application in the appropriate mental and physical state. The practice of yoga postures and exercises optimizes the effects of the fine fragrances on the three planes of being; body, mind and soul.

In a word: Aroma Yoga combines and intensifies the holistic effect of yoga with the application of essential oils, creating the synergistic marriage of two teachings which are seemingly perfect in themselves.


It is common for therapists to use the healing powers of essential oils as liniments, baths, ointments, atmospheric fragrance, and even internally in some plants, as part of their practice. Aromatherapy is also often used in the ancient meridian system of traditional Chinese medicine, which when applied to the targeted energy points of the body, makes the healing effect of essential oils most potent.

Yoga - the Origin and Objective

The aim of Yoga in its classical sense, is to aid the practitioner in the attainment of their divine plan.  Originally, various exercises were developed over the centuries to perfect the body through physical flexibility (asana), vitality, cleansing, and a special breathing exercise system (pranayama). Then came varied exercises of mental control and concentration, focused on the quest towards moral evolution. The ancient sages (rishis) of India recognized that a perfect body and a purified mind were the necessary conditions to achieve the greatest goal of yoga, enlightenment (Samadhi). Meditation on the seven main energy centers (chakras) in our body was and still is one of the most important practices to achieve this lofty goal.

The Seven Chakras

The seven chakras are the spiritual control over our entire body. Your foundation is a series of different nerve plexuses and important endocrine glands, which are located at regular intervals on the body's central axis. They have a three point entry angle from the back and open up similarly on the front part of the body to release, creating an apparent back to front direction of energy flow. Comparable to the meridians, but to an even stronger measure, the flow points of the chakras on the body surface provide the perfect position for the simple and effective use of essential oils. Chakras are not physical in origin, but are concentrated in the energy sectors of our spiritual bodies. Through long years of studying the relationships of certain trees, shrubs and flowers with the different energy centers, Tanja was able to develop an appropriate oil mixture for each chakra. These seven compounds are contained in two finely harmonized products, "the 7 Chakra Oil Set" and the "7 Chakra Spray Set”.

Aroma Yoga Study

It has been important throughout the developmental history of Aroma Yoga to design a system that enables anyone to practice it without having to undergo long and complicated training. Normally, the fundamental knowledge for the practice* of Aroma Yoga is taught in a seven-day workshop. Although it is not strictly necessary to attend a course in the application of Chakra oils, an introduction with an Aroma Yoga teacher opens up numerous possibilities, and helps the practitioner achieve the greatest benefits of their Aroma Yoga meditation practice. We therefore recommend a visit to a workshop.

Simplicity, clarity, and the quest for perfection are the highest intellectual foundation for Aroma Yoga. Purity, the highest quality organic raw materials and a manual, low-impact, energizing process are the requirements of the Seven Chakra essential oils, which are used in Aroma Yoga.

Like Edward Bach, the father of Bach Flower Therapy, who had the vision to offer not only therapies, but to every human being an easy to comprehend assortment of flower essences, with the Seven Chakra Oil blends Tanja also wanted to establish a simple tool for any yoga teacher or student.  Aroma Yoga oils have the ability to stimulate the chakras of the practitioner, which supports the exercises and act as a finely tuned catalyst towards creating a bridge between the physical and higher selves.

Elevating the Fine Senses

Aromas are ethereal and have a highly sensitive impact on the world of our emotions. Places with a pleasant scent elevate the mind and soothe us.  As light represents the essence of seeing, and sound is the basis of hearing, aromas and various ethereal scents affect our sense of smell, and stimulate us in many ways. The catalytic effect of scent is used with intention in Aroma Yoga.  Aroma Yoga succeeds only with humble gratitude to the many gifts of the flora, and employs this power in the search for the highest good and advancement of the soul. There is a saying: "What we surround ourselves with determines who we are and what we are." Let us surround ourselves with the highest essences of nature, the pure and the beautiful. Let us immerse ourselves in the divine nectar and we will make our body a glorious temple, a celebration in every pose of the wonderful secrets of the creative source. Let us anchor our minds in our blissful gratitude for all the events of our destiny. Let us align ourselves with undivided attention to the highest aim of existence; let us live Yoga Vida (Life). We will be one with the scent of the divine garden of unconditional love. We will rise into the world beyond the five senses and the limitations of ego-perception. Let us celebrate the union with our divine self. Then we will understand yoga.

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