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About April Aromatics Store

April Aromatics is a natural perfume line, created by Tanja Bochnig, artisan, natural perfumer. It is our mission to create perfumes that not only „smell“ good, but make you feel good, from the inside out. Natural perfumery is a rediscovered lost art, using natural ingredients from flowers, leaves, roots, barks, fruits and seeds.

Our ingredients are certified organic or wild crafted whenever available and 100% of our ingredients are from authentic, pure and natural origin. We do not use artificial essences, petroleum or minerals oils, nor do we use animal derived ingredients, that involve killing and torturing animals. Our perfumes are unique and hand blended with love and care. We are committed to use the highest quality of natural essences available from nature.

Working with only natural extracts, enables us to experience the true soul of a plant and April Aromatics captures these essences in its perfumes. Each one is a journey in itself. The energy and intention that go into each creation is most important for us to complete a beautiful bouquet.

All of our oil perfumes are based in organic Jojoba oil. As a natural emulsifier, which is a product that binds water and oil, used in our room and body mists, we use an all natural coconut derived substance.

All products are tested on humans only.
Please recycle.


Tanja Bochnig